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What should you expect when starting your own business? One thing’s for sure: times have changed, and going into business is no longer the same as it used to be. Lise Thériault, a woman entrepreneur from New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula, knows how to capitalize on existing resources in her community.

Her background is atypical. After a bachelor’s degree in Education, a master’s degree in Business Administration and 18 years working for a financial institution, Lise wanted to be more independent. Before quitting her job, she decided to invest in real estate. After about three years of exploring entrepreneurship, she realized that the Acadian Peninsula offered a wealth of opportunities. In 2015, she was approached to acquire the Motel & Camping Colibri, and saw it as an extraordinary business path. That’s when she dedicated herself 100% to the business. A great journey finally begins in earnest.

Today, a second campground has been annexed with Camping Colibri sur Mer, a new brand is developing around the Nectar Microbrewery, and a new Beer Garden is hosting shows. In addition to creating a local beer, Lise collaborates with several local producers and artisans for the microbrewery and the establishment’s tourist boutique.

Before acquiring her business, Lise had a background in finance and human resources management. But it was thanks to her spouse, Marco Plourde, who is a minority owner, that Lise was able to fill in much of the marketing expertise. “With the support of the CBDC Péninsule acadienne’s Consultant Advisory Services program, my partner and I were able to develop a better marketing strategy and further develop our customer base,” she says.

Lise grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and, deep down, she’s always wanted to reconnect with that lifestyle. Her passion is contagious. With two children in their early twenties, the whole family contributes to this entrepreneurial venture. Even the third child, in his early teens, is part of this success story. “Working with people in our community, collaborating with local suppliers, and creating a 100% local project is a source of pride for our whole family,” she says. “Our family is giving new life to a business that already existed, and we’re looking to the future with all the new things we’re offering our customers.”

For Lise, being entrepreneurial means being able to measure results. “I set my goals and objectives. It’s very satisfying to be able to measure customer satisfaction and make a concrete contribution to the economy of the Acadian Peninsula,” she says. “I never work alone. Going into business has to include a lot of people from the community to support you.”

People should be excited that our small businesses exist. “Now that I’m in business, I’m constantly amazed by all the small successes I see in others, all the good ideas that need to be supported, all the things worth encouraging to make our community even prouder of itself,” concludes Lise Thériault.

“Our family is giving new life to a business that already existed, and we’re looking to the future with all the new things we’re offering our customers.” 


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