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Sisters, Jane Woodley and Sue Humby always dreamed of having a business together that allowed them to showcase their love of good food. Today they craft exquisite chocolate bonbons, bars and confectionery.

Originally from Ontario, Sue once had a restaurant and tearoom in Hamilton, Ontario and Jane worked there for a period of time.

Sue moved across the country and set down roots in PEI, years later Jane finally made the move east. They could now set their sights on a joint venture.

Sue and Jane’s original business specialized in pastries and breads, with a little chocolate crafting alongside. When Jane developed a gluten intolerance, they pivoted their focus and Jane & Sue Chocolate was born, they opened in 2020.

They are now Island entrepreneurs operating Jane & Sue Chocolate from their charming rural storefront location in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Sue graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada’s Pastry Arts program and is the brilliant mind behind the chocolate presentation. Jane is the flavor expert.

Together, they have created an amazing, decadent food that is as luxurious to look at as it is to taste.

Their studio store offers a unique and visually appealing experience to every customer. With a modern design, the store highlights their wonderful creations. They are open to the public year-round to accommodate the loyal customers from across the Island who savor the taste of their hand-painted chocolate bonbons, bars, and other assorted products.

Their creations are now available in select stores across PEI, allowing more customers to access and enjoy their one-of-a-kind handcrafted confections without a drive to Stanley Bridge. This ensures that no matter where you are on PEI you will be able to enjoy these artisanal treats and revel in your ‘chocolate fix.’

The sisters strive to create products that are ethically sourced, many of which are organic, fair trade or part of the Cacao-Trace Sustainable Cocoa program. They use local and organic ingredients and the chocolate that they purchase supports the cacao farmers.

They are delving into new recipes that will serve vegan and dairy free clients. “There is always more to learn and do,” said Jane.

The sisters love to make traditional comfort foods, like their mouth-watering Salted Caramels, and one of their top selling products, the Peanut Butter Cups, were Jane’s idea.

The sisters have attended entrepreneurial training events and inspirational talks through CBDC Central PEI. They have learned from other business leaders that the way to success is to have a strong, unclouded vision while keeping the integrity and essence of the product at high standards. Which they have exceeded.

Their magical touch at creating individual, stunning designs on each chocolate has created boxes of delicious artwork. For any chocolate connoisseur this is a must visit destination.

Jane and Sue shared that “CBDC has always been very approachable and provided us with a small business loan when we were just getting started. They have also offered support and education along the way, which has been extremely helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend CBDC as they have so many resources to help small businesses in Prince Edward Island.”

“Artistry and originality are incredibly important to us. Chocolate-making affords us creativity to conjure up new flavours, push our boundaries, and craft works of decadent art.” 


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